Drayton Common Land Trustee Fund Annual Distribution

Information and how to apply:

If you live in Drayton Parslow and are currently finding it difficult to afford essential things, you might be eligible for a grant from the ‘Drayton Common Land Trust Fund.’ These grant criteria will be as follows:

‘The Trustees shall annually apply such rents for the relief of financial hardship, either generally or individually, of people in Drayton Parslow Parish by making grants of money for providing or paying for items, services or facilities.’

This grant can still take the form of a credit towards electricity bills, however the Trustees are now able to consider other requests that fit the criteria above.

Villagers can nominate themselves or can nominate a neighbour, friend or acquaintance who might be reluctant to apply on their own behalf. All applications and distributions from the fund are handled in confidence. The closing date for applications is annually in November, one week before that month’s Parish Council meeting where grants are decided.  Applicants are contacted during December to tell them whether their application was successful.

To be eligible, even if you have received credits from this Fund in the past, you need to apply by email or in writing to:

Clerk to the Trustees, PO Box 6440, Milton Keynes, MK1 9HZ, making surethat you include:

  • Applicant’s or nominator’s full name, address and telephone number.
  • A brief explanation of why the grant is being requested
  • Name of your electricity provider
  • Electricity account number
  • If applicant is on a Meter Payment Card

Please note that further information and/or invoices may be required as requested by the trustees before a payment is made.